Dental Bonding

Forget flaws in your teeth and repair them today with the easy and simple process of bonding. Our dental bonding in Knoxville, Tennessee offers you a unique, affordable, and non-invasive option for minor dental repairs.

If you have a damaged or unattractive tooth and it’s not necessary for you to get a veneer or dental crown, then bonding may be a great solution. No matter how well you take care of your teeth, as time passes, you may start to see life’s wear and tear on your smile. Maintaining your teeth with routine checkups is important but sometimes slight repairs are needed.

Lynnwood Dental can fix any minor flaws with this simple process and keep your smile shining brightly.

How Bonding Works

When our teeth are young and in a healthier state they have a strong composition of enamel and dentin. Porcelain is used in dentistry as a replacement for enamel loss. Resin filler is used to replace missing dentin inside of the tooth. These are the two materials used in the bonding process. They work together to fully replicate the look of a natural tooth while protecting and restoring it to the state it should be.

The Bonding Process

The process of bonding is simple and painless. Resin that matches your teeth is applied to cover any deficiencies, chipping, or other minor defects. It can also be utilized in repairing cavities by filling the cavity hole with the same colored resin so that it matches the tooth perfectly. The application lasts a long time but may need occasional future repairs.

Treatment of this procedure may include:

  • Improving tooth shape
  • Altering tooth shape
  • Repairing and filling a cavity
  • Filling chips
  • Filling gaps in the teeth
  • Covering a tooth root
  • Tooth decay repairs

Is Bonding Right for Me?

Not every needed repair can be solved with bonding. Some cases are too serious for this kind of dental repair and may require veneers, implants, crowns, or other dental procedures. The best way to find out if bonding is right for you is to obtain a full assessment from your dental provider.

Dr. Boren will examine your teeth and see if they can be easily repaired with this simple procedure. If she determines that bonding will not work in your case, she will provide you with other repair options to get your smile back in shape.

Cases that are not qualified for bonding usually involve wear and tear from chewing, grinding, biting, or an injury. If you have a lot of decay or areas of decay, this procedure will not work for you.

The best cases for this procedure are basic dental repairs and imperfections. Dental bonding is an easy and affordable option to keep your teeth looking their best, especially if your case does not require anything more serious like a dental implant, crown, or veneer.

The Dental Bonding Procedure in Easy Steps

  1. Upon completion of examination and evaluation, Dr. Boren will match your teeth to the right color of resin for the repair or filling.
  2. Dr. Boren will shape the material to fit perfectly over the area of the tooth needing repair for a smooth, natural appearance.
  3. A light is then used to harden the resin application for a permanent finish.
  4. After the resin is dry, some trimming and shaping may take place to perfect the appearance of the newly restored tooth.

In most cases, the procedure takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour per tooth and can last 3-10 years. Normal activity can resume right away and in most cases there is no pain reported by patients who receive the treatment.

How to Care for Dental Bonding

Now that you have completed your procedure, and your teeth look great, it’s time to step up the oral health habits to maintain your results! Daily flossing and brushing are vital when maintaining the look of your dental bonding.

Also, be sure to book routine check-ups and cleanings with your dentist so they can ensure the tooth is in good shape and can assess if any additional work or repairs are in order.If you notice anything wrong with your teeth, particularly in the areas where resin was applied, be sure to notify your dentist for evaluation.

At Lynnwood Dental, we are your Knoxville, Tennessee dental bonding experts. Call our expert staff today to learn more about our procedures and any other services we offer our patients.

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