Top Benefits of Having Whiter Teeth

For more and more people, teeth whitening has become a necessity for helping them look and feel their best. Everywhere you look, from magazine images to your Instagram feed, the importance of having clean, white teeth is all around you.

But maybe you aren’t sure why teeth whitening is such a big deal, or if it’s really important at all. Surely something so simple can’t have that much of an impact on your overall life?

The reality is, teeth whitening can be a significant life-improving treatment. If you’re still on the fence, keep reading to learn all about the top benefits of having whiter teeth.

Be More Attractive

Having healthy skin and straight teeth is incredibly important, but even if you already have that going for you, it’s all for nothing if your teeth are yellow or stained. And stained teeth can happen to anyone, thanks to dark liquids like coffees, teas, and sodas. It’s possible to “fix” stained teeth in photographs with the right filter, but why not go all the way with a full teeth whitening experience?

Enjoy Higher Self-Confidence

As every makeup artist or plastic surgeon can tell you, when you look amazing, you feel amazing, and that results in a higher sense of self-confidence. Even if you aren’t particularly self-conscious about your teeth right now, think of how good it would feel on your next date to flash your perfect smile. Or how much better you’d feel giving a presentation at work, knowing your teeth are in pristine, picture-perfect condition.

Thrive in Professional Situations

According to a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 74% of adults think that an unattractive smile can hurt their professional lives. And they’re not wrong: from your direct appearance to your confidence level, the condition of your teeth can affect a lot about your professional success. If you have an interview coming up, a whiter smile can help you make a good first impression by complimenting your clean appearance. We already discussed how better-looking teeth improve confidence. And in addition to that, you’ll feel more comfortable — and more proud — showing off your smile, which your interviewer will take to mean you’re sure in your ability to handle the job.

Appear Friendlier to Others

It’s unfair, but it’s true: attractive people often have the advantage in social and professional settings. People are typically more likely to trust a salesperson who looks good, and businesspeople are more likely to rally behind someone who has a great appearance. You may have little control over the face nature gave you, but one thing you can easily control is the health and appearance of your teeth. And as noted already, having a great smile will make you feel like smiling more, which automatically makes you seem friendlier and more outgoing.

Teeth Whitening is an Affordable Treatment

Let’s be honest: having your teeth whitened is an investment, but it’s cheap compared to things like plastic surgery. Even compared with other dental procedures, teeth whitening services don’t cost that much. And if the cost or hassle of getting a dentist appointment is holding you back, just think: that’s an investment in how you present yourself to the world, and in many ways an investment in your future. Don’t you think your smile deserves some love?

It’s Gentle on Your Teeth

A common misconception around teeth whitening treatments is that they cause damage to your teeth, wearing down teeth enamel and increasing tooth sensitivity. While certain at-home treatments can cause pain or mild damage for some people, if you see a qualified dentist for treatment, you absolutely have nothing to worry about.

The stains on your teeth are very surface-level, caused by the foods that you eat. Just like the foods themselves didn’t damage your teeth permanently, it doesn’t make sense that having the stains removed would result in any harm. Teeth whitening just removes the effects of the stains. As a cosmetic improvement, it’s perfectly safe.

In general, getting your teeth whitened gives you more reasons to smile. And smiling alone can make you feel better, as confirmed again and again by psychology experts. Not only is teeth whitening perfectly safe and fairly low-cost, but it brings with it many benefits and opportunities you may not have known you needed.

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