Bad Habits That Will Ruin Your Teeth

While many people have their dental care habits in check, these healthy habits may often be in vain if you follow them through with some equally unpleasant habits. Understandably, most of these bad habits are easy to get into, and not everyone is aware of their detrimental effects on the teeth.

This ignorance does not take away the fact that these habits will leave you with unhealthy gums and teeth. That’s why family dentists recommend professional teeth cleaning every six months.

This piece will highlight some terrible habits that could do a number on your pearly white teeth and also give you bad breath.

Eating Sugary Treats

Sugar is teeth’s number one antagonist, and while most people love their sugary treats, they deal a huge blow to our dental health. When it comes to sugary stuff, the longer they stay in your mouth, the worse they are on your teeth. Family dentists always advise especially avoiding sticky sugar products because they cling more to the teeth and are difficult to remove.

Bacteria on your teeth consumes sugar and produces acid as a by-product, which eats into your enamel. If you continue consuming too much sugar, you might need some cosmetic dentistry services pretty soon.

Soda and Energy Drinks

One thing soda and sports drinks have in common is that they are loaded with heaps of sugar. Dentists refer to drinking soda and energy drinks akin to bathing your teeth in an acidic environment. What’s more, these drinks form a sugar coating that sticks around your teeth for a long time unless you brush them.

Alcohol is no exception in terms of acidity. Consuming alcohol can corrode the enamel and also dry out saliva, which helps remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth’s surface.


Most people have come to terms with the fact that smoking is indeed a repulsive habit.

Smoking has many damaging effects on your oral health. First, smoking stains your teeth, which reduces your appeal and self-confidence. It can also lead to gum disease and give you bad breath. Last but not least, excessive smoking is almost a guaranteed one-way ticket to oral cancer. So it’s best to put the cigarette down for good.

Teeth Grinding

Many people grind their teeth or clench them involuntarily, mostly when they sleep or in tense situations. This grinding may cause teeth fractures, chips, or breakages that may require the attention of a hospital that offers cosmetic dentistry services if the effects are severe.

It’s difficult to control grinding when you’re asleep. This condition, known as bruxism, may be caused by stress or a breathing disorder linked to sleep called apnoea. To curb teeth grinding during sleep, you may try using a tooth guard or even a snoring device. Ask your family dentist whether you are suited for a snoring device in case you suspect you have bruxism.

Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is common among small children. This seemingly harmless habit could have negative consequences to your child’s teeth alignment and jaw structure if the permanent teeth have not yet emerged. In fact, sucking the thumb is the major cause of teeth misalignment among adolescents. What’s more, the habit can also lead to chewing and speaking problems and is also not a good look, especially when the habit follows through till their teenage years.

Drinking Pool Water

Pool water is filled with chlorine, which is corrosive to your teeth’s enamel. You’re probably not drinking it on purpose, but the next time you’re in the pool, avoid taking in too much pool water. Also, talk to your family dentist to find out how you can counteract the corrosive effects of chlorine on your teeth.

In conclusion

If you’ve engaged in any of these habits, especially those that may have led to yellowing of teeth, consult your local or family dentist and inquire about their services. This will help you decide the best action you can take to rectify the damage.

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